Understanding what your options are with the Federal Employee Pension Annuity

Outside of the federal government, there are very few employers who provide a lifetime pension at retirement.

It is a fantastic benefit, but like many benefits, it is critical that you know your options before beginning your retirement planning. We offer government pension advice that is worth your while.

What factors are used to calculate your pension?

It starts with an average of the three highest year of your base salary.

In many cases, this will occur the last three years prior to your retirement.

High Three

What happens to your pension at the time of your death?

Whether you are a Federal or Civil employee, it is important to know your survivor benefits.

You will need to make choices now that will impact what happens to your pension at the time of your death.

Survivor Benefits

Next Steps

MyFedLife is pleased to offer a Complimentary Benefit Analysis to qualified Federal Employees enrolled in the FERS or CSRS retirement plans.

This will help government workers better understand where they are today, and what they need to help reach their retirement goals tomorrow.

Complimentary Benefit Analysis